About SEO on Intently.co

Many websites with user-generated content offer SEO benefits to those users, and Intently.co is no different. We didn't set out to build Intently.co specifically for this purpose, but we do receive a lot of questions regarding the SEO benefits of being listed on our site. To help answer these questions, this page is dedicated to explaining how Intently.co works from an SEO point of view.

Key facts

Intently.co domain registered: 2012
Domain subject matter: B2C and B2B services
Unique selling point: buyer-powered services marketplace with reputable media coverage; also available on Amazon Alexa
Key page types: detailed business profile pages, listing pages (page per service and location), articles
Traffic: 25,000 visitors per month
Google PageRank: 4
Moz Domain Authority: 36
Moz Spam Score: 0
Alexa rank: top 0.03% of websites worldwide
Backlink type: follow
Backlink customisation: you have full control over link text and target URL for each backlink provided
Reciprocal links: not required
Agency subscription available: yes (list 10 websites plus your own, at a discounted rate)


Many positive articles in the media including from Harvard University, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Huffington Post, 7DaysInDubai, Linux Journal, and Business News Daily. See press page for more details.

Numerous positive testimonials regarding SEO benefits, including:
  • "Thanks to Intently for providing very strong backlinks. I recommend Intently.co for all businesses who want to rank in Google."

  • "We've been looking for an SEO expert to help us with domain authority / page authority for a long time over a year and they all wanted to charge excessive fees, but were very PLEASED we've found Intently.co who have given us both DA and PA at an excellent price"

    Edward M, Managing Director
  • "Intently.co is a good website to help my ranking in google and increase users visiting my business website. Definitely Intently.co plays major part in ranking factor and gaining business. Thank you!"

    Sami, CEO
    House Movers Dubai

Our research shows that on average our customers' Moz Domain Authority moves from 19 to 23.5 (4.5 points improvement) in the month after they join Intently.co. This represents a significant improvement in search rankings.

Several articles show that we are among the top 50 websites in the world on which to add a backlink to your business, including:

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Search Engine Land - Competitive Link Building Analysis For Your Industry

Site architecture

The following diagram is designed to help you understand the architecture of our website from an SEO perspective. It shows how the site is structured and the ways that you can set up links from Intently.co to your website.

site architecture